Different types of sarees

India is a country which is known for sarees. Who doesn’t know this thing? A saree is a piece of clothing that is becoming popular worldwide. Sarees were originated in Indian from about 5000 years ago. Since then, they have always been the proud of an Indian woman. No matter how your physique is, whether you are fat, thin, chubby etc. there is a saree to let you flaunt your beauty in front of everyone. Moreover, there are hundreds of types of sarees that exists. Also, there are hundreds of ways you can wear a saree. The list is too long to be mentioned here but we thought of giving it a try. Here, we the Brijraj, has come up with a very new initiative where we will be flaunting our love for sarees and also would introduce you to some unique stuff that you really need to know if you are an Indian, either by nationality or by heart.

Let us first introduce you to some most common kinds of sarees. This list isn’t going to be as specific as the lists in our future posts but still, we hope that you would enjoy reading this.

1. What type of saree would you like for daily wear? A simple yet stylish piece of saree that would let you be comfortable and look beautiful at the same time. Right? This is what a printed saree is meant for. Printed sarees available in a number of fabrics and designs and would lovely on any lady who wears it.

brijraj designer sarees

B 782 8806

a printed saree that promises you with extreme comfort and style

There is one more fabric that is know for comfort, especially in the hot summer season. Any guesses? Cotton

cotton saree has always been a preference of a working woman and also a house wife.

cotton saree

B 659-5605

a cotton saree that is a must have in any woman’s closet

2. Oh! we are very sorry for we just forgot to introduce you to the most important aspect of sarees – the fabric. No matter what type of clothes you wear, the most important thing about them is the fabric for everything depends upon the fabric. A little low quality design may go right in a few cases, but a wrong and low quality fabric is the last blunder when can make while it comes to clothing.

There are four main fabrics of sarees that are very popular – poly georgette, poly dupion, chiffon and net. ( keep looking for our future posts to get details about each of the fabric). Each of the fabric gives a different look and style to the sarees.

brijraj sarees

B 198-1034 B

a white poly Georgette saree

poly dupion

B 315-5618-5619

a poly dupion saree

net sarees

B 460-1007

a net saree

chiffon saree

B 732-34021

a chiffon saree

3. Now that we have already talked about the comfort + style and fabrics, here comes the most important aspect of sarees – the design. India has been known for the unique embroidery styles. There are a lot many type of embroidery styles that are in trend this season. Take a look at these sarees with different embroidery styles –

resham & zari work

B 162-43

Resham & Zari – the most popular and the most stylist embroidery ever

animal print sarees

B 310-5414

animal print dresses are very hot this season; this tiger print saree is a hot cake.

self work

B 603-7526 C

A beautiful saree with self work

The list is really big. Every day there comes a new combination of embroidery styles that would leave you awestruck and drooling at the same time. Let’s see how many can you grab for your wardrobe?

This is just the beginning… a lot more is in store for you. Keep watching guys 🙂