Which saree is right for your body type?

Every Indian woman loves sarees. A saree is one piece of clothing that is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. This approximately 7 meters long piece of cloth might give you an entirely different look and make you look like a goddess and fetch hundreds of compliments. But hey ! This is the same very long and unmanageable piece of cloth that may make you look horrible and unfashionable. Yes, that is true. All depends upon making the right choice of sarees.

Which saree  is right for your body type?

which won’t make you look fat?

Which would not look like that you have overdone with your look?

Which is the right fabric for you body type and skin tone?

All of these questions are never actually answered by anyone. You would need to try different styles and check which is the right one for you. But, do you really want to do that? Would you actually buy a saree  costing thousands of bucks just to discover it later on that it doesn’t suit your body type?

Obviously, none of us would want to waste our money like this. So, it is very much necessary for you beautiful ladies that which one is the right saree for you.

The choice of the saree needs to be formulated on aspects like your weight, height, skin, and complexion. Also, you need to take care of the fabric and design which you are wearing.

The right saree for heavy body types

Are you a little heavy? Do you know that a saree can actually make you look slim? Yes, that is true.

brijraj sarees (12)

Wear some light fabrics like poly georgette, crepe and chiffon and you would kilos less than you actually are. Do remember that you don’t wear heavy fabrics like cotton etc. If you are thinking to go with that heavily embroidered saree, drop the plan right now. A light weight and soberly embroidered saree is the right one for you. Go with dark colors and don’t forget the magic color black which is the best when you want to create an illusion of being a little thin.

The right saree for slim body types

If you are slim, make it sure you go with heavy fabrics like brocade, cotton and silk. Enjoy the richly embroidered designs and do try tissue sarees as they would look awesome on your body type. Try out some printed sarees as well if you are tall.

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If you are short in height, a saree with border is a big no no. Try out light colors and lehanga saree as well.

This is what we can tell you about sarees from our very long experience. Do tell us what you think about it.