Why one should buy a ‘poly georgette’ suit or saree?

One cannot count the number of fabrics that are available these days. Hundreds of variety of fabrics are available in the country for use in the traditional women wear that is suits and sarees. But how we, the normal people, would decide that which fabric is good and which is not? More choices means more confusion.

Are you still worried? What if you end up buying a beautiful looking saree having a low quality fabric? Every fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. How would you come to know that which is the right one for you?

Don’t worry! Brijraj is there for you to guide you about all the fabrics that are being widely used in the Indian clothing industry. Today, we are going to talk about the king of all – Poly Georgette.

Why we call it the king? Is it so good? Well, there are much better fabrics in the market but this is the most popular and widely used fabric. Liked by all, hated by none.

What is poly georgette?

Poly Georgette  is sheer and light weight fabric that was named after a French Dressmaker Georgette. The fabric is made of synthetic filament yarns and is widely used for making dresses, blouses, evening gowns all over the world. Traditionally made from silk, the fabric is made by using synthetic fibers like polyesters etc.

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Why is it so popular?

Okay, now you know what poly georgette is. The obvious question that arises in someone’s mind is why is it so popular? These are the reasons why this is in rage these days –

  • This light weight fabric drapes very well and that is the reason why it is so popular especially in case of sarees. What do you need in a saree? The fabric should look nice when worn. That is what poly georgette gives you the best.
  • The crispy and crepe light texture of the fabric gives it a lovely and attractive sheen. The fabric is also designed using embroidery of several kinds.
  • Poly georgette is available in larger number of colors and prints.
  • This fabric is perfect for daily wear and for part wear as well.

There isn’t any reason why a poly georgette fabric should not be preferred. This is one popular and amazing fabric ever designed.

How to take care of poly georgette fabric?

One thing that we can never miss while telling you about this fabric is how to take care of this. This is very much necessary if you want good results from the fabric you buy.

  • The fabric should be hand washed in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not try it in a washing machine. Hang it till it dries properly.
  • In some cases, you would need to get the fabric dry cleaned.