Why one should buy a Chiffon Saree

Do you want to buy a new saree? Obviously, Brijraj provides you a number of options in terms of designs, styles, and fabrics but a lot of you might still be skeptical about what to buy and what not. The biggest confusions are about the fabrics. You need to pick up a good fabric if you want a good use of your money. We have already told you about the poly georgette fabric and now it’s time when Brijraj should tell you about the next fabric in line – Chiffon.

Chiffon has been a very popular fabric that is being used in dresses since early twentieth century. Light weight, balanced and sheer – these three words are enough to describe what Chiffon is. The fabric is very finely made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers like polyesters. The fabric finds the most common use of it in evening gowns, scarves, blouses, lingerie and of course – Indian wear.

The most established and well known use of Chiffon is definitely in the Indian sarees. The reason behind that is the floating and elegant appearance that Chiffon can give to this beautiful piece of attire – an Indian Saree. The fabric can be easily dyed in a number of colors. However, the fabric needs very careful sewing for producing a good piece of cloth to wear. Many people use tissue paper while sewing to keep the fabric together. The tissue paper is removed after the sewing work is completed. A slow and steady sewing work, also skilled work is very much necessary to sew Chiffon.

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It has been enough of knowledge. Let us talk about the real deal – why you should buy a Chiffon Saree or Suit rather than any other fabric available in the market or available with Brijraj?

The reason is not one, there are many. Some of these are –

Give yourself a formal look with Chiffon

Chiffon is perfect for giving a formal look to your clothes. Do you want a saree to wear in your office? Do you want to carry an elegant and stylish look? Go for Chiffon.

Easy availability and good price range

The fabric is widely available all over the country. You can easily buy Chiffon Sarees at good prices. Also, due to the fabric being durable, it gives a good value of your money.

Easy to wear and wash

The fabric is cool on your skin and is perfect to be worn during the hot summer season. Also, it is easy to clean and wash. A Chiffon saree can be easily hand washed and ironed to give it a new-like look.


This lightweight fabric of which we have been talking about is very versatile and will go with many other fabrics as well. You can easily combine this fabric with other fabrics without looking clumsy and unfashionable.

Perfect for Sarees

The fabric drapes very well and gives a lustrous look to the saree which makes it perfect choice of Indian women.

Next time you look for buying sarees; do look for the Chiffon fabric. At least one Chiffon saree is a must in your wardrobe. And we bet you would get more once you buy one.