Brijraj Aamna Sharif Collection – 858 series

Allow us to present you a very special and popular collection by Brijraj. This is popular. This is stylish. This is new. This is different. This is our very new Brijraj Aamna Sharif Collection – 858 series. 15 photos with 30 amazing and hot designs are available for you. Check these out and tell us which you liked the best. Mind it! you are not supposed to have a look at this collection until you actually decide to tell us your favorite one at the end.

Look at the gorgeous ladies – Aamna Sharif and Ragini wearing the trendy anarkali suits. Notice the color combinations. They are not usual and they cannot be found easily except when you are shopping from Brijraj.


B 858 1601 A,B

These suits can give you an elegant and stylish look. Our very own Kashish look gorgeous in this suit. Doesn’t she? And what about Ragini?


B 858 1602 A,B

The ladies are wearing some unusual designs in the very rich and bold colors. would you like to try these designs too?


B 858 1603 A,B

Oh! here comes our favorite. we do not need to tell how special these two designs are. Just a look describes it all.


B 858 1604 A,B

In case, you want to buy any of the suits, feel free to message us(comment) with the product code and your e-mail id for the prices. We would happily assist you further if you want. 🙂

B 858 1605 A,B

One more floor length anarkali suit. Actually two more 🙂 😉


B 858 1606 A,B

What do you think about this amazing floral embroidery on the suits?


B 858 1607 A,B

Aha! the colors which every lady waits to buy. Both of these colors can make you look extra gorgeous and also  thin – in case you have some extra pounds.


B 858 1608 a,B

Who looks better? Aamna or Ragini?


B 858 1609 A,B

We think here, Aamna is the dominating one. Isn’t she? Ragini – you need to work a bit more.


B 858 1610 A,B

The divas are doing a good job to empty your pockets. don’t they? Each of the design is a masterpiece in itself. You ought to buy atleast one.


B 858 1611 A,B

Become the center of attraction at the next party or family function you have! Wear a suit like this.


B 858 1612 A,B

Look at the bottom of both suits. the embroidery!


B 858 1613 A,B

Priceless looks!


B 858 1614 A,B

We are sure this one you would like a lot1


B 858 1615 A,B

Alas! this is all. We know you wanted to see more but that’s all we have in our aamna sharif collection.

Don’t forget the decision you made! You need to tell us your favorite one. How? Comment on this post or share your favorite photo on our facebook page.

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