Brijraj Suits – 951 series

Suits and Sarees – these are those two Indian attires that not only enhance the represent the rich and very popular Indian culture but also enhance the beauty of the gorgeous ladies. Everyday, thousands of Suits and Sarees are sold worldwide. Every single day, a new collection of Suits and Sarees is launched. But did you check out the latest collections? Did you buy any new suit?

We know, all the ladies out there are ready to shop and that’s why we have brought the very new Brijraj Collection. These suits are worth looking upon..

The best part of the first design is the back. This is the latest trend – which lady doesn’t want to show off her sexy back. If you are one of those ladies, this suit is meant just for you.


B 951-3006

What do you think? Isn’t it perfect for the next function you would need to attend? The festive season is just going to come.. in fact, its already here. And you are still not shopping?

Every day, thousands of ladies call us and ask for “something new” to wear, designs that are not common. Colors that are not easily found. The young generation girls are extra picky and you know what, we know what goes for the young generation. We know, you have a different style definition and we can bet that this suit would perfectly meet your styling sense – because its different and uncommon. Isn’t this what you want? LOOK BELOW!


B 951-3007

Some ladies love colors. They want their dress as colorful as possible but carrying such a style is obviously very risky. If you wear a Suit that is too colorful, you might end up looking like a joker. Sorry, but isn’t it the truth? What you need is the perfect blend of colors in a suit. Want something like that? This is what you should buy –


B 951-3008\

Millions of women around the globe and billions of tastes for dresses. If one lady likes colors, other one would want something sober. If one wants heavy embroidery, the other one would simple print work. If one would want gaudy and flashy dress, the other would want dull one.
What kind of woman are you? Would you like to wear a dress that is sexy and sober at the same time? Would you like to wear a Suit which can make you look sexy, stylish and simple – just at once? Yes?


B 951-3009

Are you the very different kind? No Sarees, no Suits; but still you want an Indian dress. What about a lehenga? No?



B 951-3010

Do you watch movies? What kind of actresses you like? The ones who always wear an avatar of a bold and sexy diva or the one who prefers to be a girl next door – cute, adorable and sweet? If you like the second ones.. CHECK THIS OUT!


B 951-3011

And this Suit is also the one made for such ladies – cute and adorable!


B 951-3012

There is one color which if isn’t a part of collection of Suits and Sarees, a few women get disappointed and we certainly don’t like it when any of you gets disappointed for you don’t get the type of Suit or Saree you were looking for. Though, you can also message or comment on our posts to let us know what kind of designs you want to see in the Brijraj Collection, but still, we make our best efforts to provide you with the best and most popular designs and when we talk about the best and most popular, the ‘black’ piece in the collection becomes a must.


B 951-3013

Do you like dressing up in a bit royal style? Velvet, royal colors and heavy jewelry? Really?



B 951-3014

Last piece in the collection for the ladies who are still not sure about their taste, for the ladies who still look forward to try out something new and different – just in case they can find their actual style type.


B 951-3015

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