Diwali Contest By Brijraj

Diwali, the biggest festival of India is going to come just after a few days. While we are flooded with new orders and price queries, we thought why not surprise you guys with some gifts and that’s why we are here with our Diwali Celebration Contest.

Let’s talk work here –

What’s the contest is going to be about?

It’s 9 days before Diwali. Every day we would ask you a question. A question related to us, a riddle which YOU would have to solve. How would you solve it? the answers are already there on this very blog. All you need to do is to find them out. Some cool questions whose answers are already present on this website can help you win something for free.

What’s the prize?

A contest is never complete without prices. While last time we gave a beautiful and sexy red Saree, this time our boss, Mr. Anand is still planning what he has for you guys. The prize would be revealed soon.



Q1. The Suit with this product code 099009001000 features a very beautiful actress who wants you to pick up the Retro Modern Look. Who is she? Name the Actress. RIGHT ANSWER – RAVEENA TONDON

Q2. What is the color of this Saree having the product code B 878 197 B. RIGHT ANSWER – YELLOW

Q3. What is the product code of this Saree? RIGHT ANSWER – 732 34021

diwali contest by brijraj

Q4. A gorgeous diva wrapped in a white saree. Those lovely borders couldn’t be anything but of the color that is going to be eradicated this Diwali. Give the product code of this Saree. RIGHT ANSWER – 701 31016

B 701 31016

B 701 31016

Aha! it was indeed a tricky question and was really a tie breaker for there is just one lady leading the battle now. Also, the ladies who sent two answers just because they were confused, only the first answer is considered. Not the second one. 🙂

We are still waiting for the design you want as your prize. Instead of posting individual photos, please support one photo so that we can decide it as easy as possible.

Q5. This bride would be dressed in our personal favorite yellow. Can you please tell us which design she would be wearing? A picture of that design is all we would want from you. RIGHT ANSWER-  ANY YELLOW LEHENGA OR YELLOW LEHENGA SAREE

Q6. She is wearing a beautiful and elegant pink saree.  At the age of 18, she married her love and has a daughter with him. But the fate happened to her and now, she’s happily married with another handsome guy. Who is this lady? Give the product code of the saree she is wearing. RIGHT ANSWER – SHWETA TIWARI, B 939 8838 OR 939 8807

Q7. Many Sarees that have been worn by celebrities in their real lives, may be in some award functions or some media appearances, are part of Brijraj collection. Can you please find out 2 such sarees by brijraj worn by indian celebrities in their real life? Note – the answer might not be in this blog. The celebrities who have featured in brijraj collection won’t be accepted. we need the pictures.

(For question 6, there are two answers. One for the name of lady and one for product code. The points would be divided into half. Half for first question and half for second)


i) The person who manages this blog really loves a color and have mentioned in a number of posts about her favorite color by calling it personal favorite of Brijraj. What color is that?

ii) Who was the winner of previous contest by Brijraj?

iii) Why do you like Brijraj?

Please note – Along with the answer, send us your picture. Brijraj owns all the rights to use your answer (why you like Brijraj) along with your picture on our blog and on our Facebook Page.


Do remember, if you are sending us two answers, we will just count the first one.

Answers need to be messaged to us with your name and E-mail id on our facebook page or at manpreet@brijraj.com


1. the question would be displayed around 9 PM everyday. Answer the question within 22 hours. Entries after 22 hours won’t be accepted. This implies to each single day.

2. There would be points given to each contestant for every right answer. Whoever gets the maximum points, WINS!

3. Please mail all queries and clarifications required about the contest at manpreet@brijraj.com

P.S. choose your prize yourself. Post the picture of your favorite saree which you would want as your prize on our facebook wall. The product which would be wanted by maximum people would be the prize. Visit our facebook page now!

how to support a product as prize!

Just share or like or comment on the photo which you want to support as prize. and mention u support it