Winner of Diwali Contest by Brijraj

Wooh! This was a tough job. So many ladies and some loving & caring husbands and boyfriends participated in this contest. There were eight questions which required you to search our blog for the right answers. The main motive behind this kind of contest was to make you aware of what we are – BRIJRAJ

We haven’t been much into retail business and that’s why only a few know about us. You might have known us through other brands and websites which sell the products manufactured by us but now, we want you to know ourselves as BRIJRAJ.

On this auspicious day, its time to announce the winner. We know, you have been waiting since very long. We hope this Diwali brings lot of happiness to you and your loved ones. And there is one lovely lady who is going to a little extra happy for she is the winner of this contest and she is going to win one of the Saree/Suit suggested by her only. How many contests let you choose your gift yourselves?

Coming to the winner..

This lady was the first one to enter the contest. Every single day, she has answered all the questions correctly and amazingly. She’s the one who always answered first even when we kept on doing some ‘masti’ by posting the questions at times different from the mentioned ones. But, do you know she wasn’t the leading lady when we introduced our first tie breaker? That was the only day she answered a bit late. But as the destiny goes, the lady came to the top once again just by answering the last question of the Diwali Contest by Brijraj.



Please check your mail for the further process to claim your prize.