These colors are the ones you should really try!

Nowadays, a lot of people have Sarees. Every Indian women would have at least one Saree in her closet and if you consider maximum amount, well, I don’t want you to faint. Clothes are something which we Indians are crazy about. Aren’t we?

you might already have a lot of designs, styles and colors of clothes in your closet but hey, the time is changing now. The trends and fashions are turning upside down. the things which seemed very uncool and crazy are the trends nowadays. The colors which I would have never worn no matter what happens are the colors which are very much in trend these days and even I, Manpreet, love those colors.

As I was just reviewing the 2013 collection of Brijraj, I came across this 774 series.

But designs was not what I was looking for today. I was looking for some colors – the colors which are a bit different and which are very much in trend. Well, from these 40 pieces of Sarees included in the collection 774 series, I could find only four designs matched my choice for this time, at the end of the year, I just want the best on this blog.

Here are those four designs which I selected.. do tell me what do you think about these..

Brijraj Sarees

B774-1102 B

Brijraj Sarees

B774-1105 A

Brijraj Sarees

B774-1107 B

Brijraj Sarees

B774-1110 A

Don’t forget to tell me what do you think?