How To Take Care of Your Silk Saree

Since a very long time I have been posting the designs of some wonderful Sarees and Anarkali Suits. I have been posting about why people should buy Sarees made from a particular fabric. But this is something I never talked about.

How to take care of your Saree? You buy so many Sarees. Some of them are way too costly. I remember the Saree which I bought for myself at a cousin’s marriage. It was a very simple Saree. I picked it up for I wanted a simple and girlish look. Do you know what the cost of that simple unbranded Saree was?  It was 3500/- after discount. Not discount, I would say after bargaining. If a Saree from some normal shop is so costly, what about the Designer Sarees by Brijraj? They are reasonably priced but we do have to spend more than thousand rupees over a single Saree and therefore, I believe we really need to take care of these precious clothes we buy by spending our hard earned money.

So, today, I have a few tips for all of you about how to take care of your Silk Saree.

Why Silk?

Silk is the most pure and talked about fabric in India. A Silk Saree is considered to be a must in a woman’s wardrobe and in fact, every woman who wears Sarees has at least in Silk Saree for sure. In South India, Silk Sarees are worn by brides on their marriage and therefore, you can imagine the amount they spend on their Silk Sarees.

Here are some tips for you guys to take care of your Silk Saree.

Poly Dupion Silk Saree

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Poly Dupion Silk Saree

1)      Wrap the Saree in a cotton cloth and then store it in your cupboard.

2)      Never store them using a metal hanger.

3)      If there are two colors in the Saree, make sure they do not overlap each other.

4)      The unused silk Sarees need to be dried every once in a year or six months. Take them out of your cupboard and let them stay in a light sunlight for a few hours and then store them back. This would maintain their color and shine.

5)      Try not to keep ironed Silk Sarees in your cupboard. The ironed silk Sarees tend to get torn off at the iron folds. You also need to keep changing the folds of the Saree to increase its life. Make it a rule to refold them after every 3 months.


6)      If you Sari has Zari embroidery, make sure the zari is faced inwards in the folds so as to preserve their sheen.

7)      You do not need to wash them every time you wear them. Air dry them to get rid of the sweaty smell.

8)      Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean these Sarees.

9)      Store them separately. Each Saree should be folded in its separate cotton cover and then stored.

10)  Keep them away from sunlight and heat.

11)  Add a faal  to the zari embroidery to elongate its lifetime.

12)  Iron the saree at medium heat. Its better to place the Silk Saree under a thin cloth and then iron it to avoid direct heat.

13)  Use naphthalene balls to keep the bugs away but this isn’t as reliable as using neem leaves. Use neem leaves if you can.

14)  Silk like Raw Silk, Crepe de Chine, Jacquard, Dupion etc can be washed at home but make sure you use mild detergents for washing.

15)  In case, you get a stain on the Saree, wash it with cold water. If the stain is of oil/ghee, use talcum powder to soak up the oily stuff and then wash with mild soap and warm water.