Best posts on Brijraj Blog That You Must Read

As we start with end of the year 2013, I would start the last month of the year by listing all the best posts and most useful posts on this blog according to me. Don’t you think it’s necessary to stop once in a while and look back at what you have done so far? I think it is necessary and that’s why this post is there to tell you what all you can look at in the past.

1. How To Take Care Of Your Silk Saree?

One mission of Brijraj is to get the traditional dress of India, Saree to be recognized by people all over the world. We want to make it more popular than jeans or any other western dress. But with power comes responsibility. If you buy this amazing and beautiful piece of attire, you need to learn how to take care of it and this becomes extremely necessary in case you bought a silk saree. This post tells you how to take care of your silk saree and wear it for years.

2. The History Of Anarkali Suits

These have been very popular this year. Every bollywood diva, every desi girl dressed for an occasion like marriage or big family function chose Anarkali Suits for dressing up and it’s always good to know the history. Where did these amazing suits which you love to wear actually come from? This post tried to answer the same question.

3. Give yourself A Retro Modern Look 

This year ladies went with styles which were extremely different from the previous ones but neither were they new ones. Those were the styles which had been chosen and described by actresses like Madhubala etc.  Those were the retro moderns style. This post describes how to carry that look nicely and look a retro styled goddess.

4. Different Styles Of Draping A Saree

Saree is one of the most versatile pieces of attire as well. Just change the way how you drape your saree and you have a new dress ready for the next party you need to attend. This post gives you 5 such ideas about draping your Saree or you can say that, this post give you ideas about converting your 1 saree to 5.

5. Why One Should Buy A Chiffon Saree

May be you never wore a saree made of Chiffon and you are wondering why you should wear a Chiffon Saree. Just stop wondering and read this post for this explains why is it necessary to wear a Chiffon Saree.

6. Why One Should Buy A Poly Georgette Saree

Seriously, I have seen thousands of Sarees in my career with Brijraj and most of them were made of Poly Georgette. The sole reason behind writing this post was to know why Poly Georgette is so popular and the same thing I shared with all of you.

7. Which Saree Is Right For Your Body Type?

No matter what you say about not caring what people think about the dress you are wearing but the fact is, wearing a dress which goes well with your body type is very important to look good. Even if you don’t care, you have to keep this thing in your mind. This post tell you how to keep everything perfect.

8. Why One Should Own A Saree?

I never felt the need of explaining this but still, read it if you are still not sure.

These are the best posts according to me which I have written so far. Don’t forget to tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. I will be waiting.

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