6 Ideas of Getting Stylish with Suits this Winter

What types of suits to wear this winter?

With the arrival of winter season, we ladies are facing a new problem. We need to change our entire wardrobe so as to accumulate those clothes which go along with the winter season. Seriously! I bought so many new clothes this summer but all of them are now packed up in a suit case for hey, this is winter now. Summer clothes won’t work. We have to wear something which would not only look good but is also a winter friendly dress.

Today, I have some nice tips for the ladies who are planning something related to Suits. Here are some tips to style your suits this winter.

  1. Go for poly crepe, poly georgette and chiffon fabric. If you are going for any of these, I would suggest you to choose the blue color, particularly peacock blue.  Choose any fabric from those in blue color. Get the neck heavily embroidered for it would look really good. Long sleeves are must. Do I need to mention it?
  2. If you are planning to go for silk, then choose a suit which has heavy embroidery on sleeves and neck. Cut work would look really awesome.
  3. You can also go for velvet. Try out maroon or purple in case you want a suit of velvet.
  4. You can also go for suits of red and black color for they are the ones which would never go old or out of fashion, not even in winters.
  5. Try out a “Stawl (a small narrow bordered shawl) Suit”. My mom recently bought it and it is really trending within the ladies.
  6. Okay, this one comes from my mother’s wardrobe. Choose a plain suit in a bit thick fabric and use a beautiful lace on the Suit borders and arm borders. It would look fabulous.

With this, you have 6 new ideas of suits which means now, you can easily buy 6 new suits in different styles and look gorgeous.

I hope these ones help. In case, you have more ideas, do share it with me. Brijraj Suit