Get The ‘RamLeela’ Look!

I have been trying a lot to give this blog a complete makeover. Trust me! It’s not easy. The most difficult part is to choose what you people would like to read. Earlier, it was just about some awesome dresses which a fan of Brijraj used to choose. But now, it’s about everything a woman would want to know about fashion. It’s difficult but I am trying my best.

The look which Deepika carried in the latest blockbuster ‘RamLeela’ really took my heart away. The only reason why I went to watch the movie was to see the amazing dresses Deepika Padukone had worn in the movie. I should not forget to mention the other reason which was the song by Priyanka. She looked really hot in it. Didn’t she?

Talking about Deepika, it was very much necessary for the designer to create right set of clothes for Deepika aka Leela. Even Deepika Padukone herself appreciates how designer Anju Modi  has designed the look so nicely that she felt she was actually ‘Leela’ as soon as she wore those dresses.

The look not only made Deepika look hot but also became a hot trend this season and this is going to last for really long time because Indian fashion trends like Anarkali Suits etc really go a long way.

Do you want to know how to get the ‘RamLeela’ look?

Here’s your guide..


The first and most important part of this look is a gujarati style ghaagra. This is a traditional dress which can be easily found in India. But one thing that you need to take care about is that the ghaagra should be a one with layering. This is what made the look classy. The designer Anju Modi has used layering in the ghaagras which are worn by Deepika in the movie.



Different layers in ghaagra


I loved the blouses worn by Deepika in the movie. They make her look really hot. The blouses are the short ones with embroidery and mirror work. So, you need to get a blouse with such kind of embroidery or mirror work. I have seen a lot in a nearby mall in Chandigarh. I am sure you would get them easily.


Mirror Work and embroidery on blouse


Simple blouse with patch work would be great!


You need just three things: Earrings, bangles and Paayal.

The earings which are worn by Deepika are the lovely Amrapaali earrings and they are already in demand in market so you would get them almost at every jewellery shop.


The bangles, normal steel bangles would do the job. That’s what I am going to do for my ‘RamLeela’ look.

The paayals, you need the heavy ones for they would add up to your look.

In short, you need very few accessories  to get this look.

All the things are easily available in market. Though I doubt about the gujarati style ghaagra for which you would have to do some hard work, but rest of the look is very easy and can be taken up by anyone.

Do make it right!

If you do manage to get a ‘RamLeela’ look, don’t forget to share your pictures with me.

Any suggestions?

Post them in comments. 🙂

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