Get the Red Hot Look Of Sonakshi Sinha in Boss


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Did you check out the remix version of very popular song in the latest Akshay – Sonakshi starrer movie? The song ‘Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta’. This song is a favorite of large number of people. The original song had Sridevi And Firoz Khan while the remix version is starred by Akshay and Sonakshi. Akshay has carried the cowboy look really nicely. Sonakshi, well she really looked hot in the red saree she wore in the song. Didn’t she? Though the look isn’t new but still, I loved the look and that’s why I am going to tell you how to get that Red Hot Look.

Check out this video to know which song am I talking about and also take a look at the Red Hot Look which made me talk about Sonakshi Sinha (who is not my favorite at all).



Let’s talk about the first and most important step to get this look. You need a very simple Red Saree with a little bit of shimmer on it. What I would prefer is a Saree like this one:

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This Saree is not the perfect one though. I would have preferred a complete plain Saree which could be easily found in the market. But, seems like most of my friends prefer this one instead. Obviously, you don’t need to copy the look from Sonakshi like a copycat.


If you saw the above video, you would have noticed the kind of blouse she is wearing. The blouse needs to be sleeveless with narrow strips.


You don’t need to do much makeup. Only thing which is necessary is a RED LIPSTICK. Yes, the lipstick is what I loved in the look. Such type of colors are easily available with brands like Revlon. Do tell me, if you can suggest a good brand to get a hot deep red colored lipstick. It’s on my wishlist.


Keep the accessories minimum. Just use a pair of earrings of medium size.

That’s all. Four things  you need to get this entire look and look Hot and sexy!

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