Why Anarkali Suits Are So Popular?

Truthfully speaking this is not a post I actually planned for today but seriously, I want an answer. What makes Anarkali Suits so popular?  Why everyone is buying Anarkali Suits? Even on Brijraj facebook page, I see more and more people liking and asking for Anarkali Suits instead of Sarees. Ladies nowadays prefer to wear Anarkali Suits on family functions and weddings where their obvious choice used to be Sarees every time.

What made such an impact on people that everyone is so crazy about Anarkali Suits?

Well, these are the reasons according to me:

  1. Indian Version of Gowns: Anarkali Suits actually are an Indian version of Gowns. Well, that’s what people say and we all know how Indian girls adore western culture. Don’t they? Maybe that’s why these floor length Anarkalis which give a gown type look are so famed.

    Anarkali Suits

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  2. Easy to Wear: When it comes to Indian dressing style, Suits and Sarees are the only options for women. Sarees, though they look gorgeous but each one of us who has ever worn a Saree know how difficult it is to carry a Saree. You have to be very careful about the pleates. Moreover, you need to learn how to drape the Saree whereas Anarkali Suits are much easier to wear. Aren’t they?

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  3. Perfect for Unmarried Girls: The ‘kunwari kudis’ of India do feel a bit reluctant while wearing a Saree. In such times, Anarkali Suits have come up as a rescue for all of the unmarried beauties.

    Diwali Special Suits

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  4. Look Slim: Anarkali Suits if worn properly and cautiously can be perfectly used to camouflage your physique. If you have a big tummy, I think an Anarkali would help you to look a bit slimmer. So why not wear an Anarkali. Right?

These are four reasons I assume that are behind the popularity of Anarkali Suits. What do you think?