Dia Mirza Collection – Anarkali Suits

Lot of people have been asking for this collection. This is certainly a bestseller on Brijraj. Why?

The Anarkali Suit Collection featuring Dia Mirza is one of the most carefully designed one. The Suit are not too heavy and are perfect to wear on occasions like Mehandi, Pujas etc. Don’t believe me?

Check out this collection:

The first one in the collection is certainly an uncommon design. It’s uncommon and unique because of the combination of colors and kind of design which has been chosen for this piece. The basic color of the Suit is Pink. There’s embroidery on upper part of the Suit which looks really amazing. Doesn’t it?

Anarkali Suits


You know what’s the best part of this collection.. It’s the kind of colors that are chosen for the designs. Look at the second design, it’s the orange color which is looking really gorgeous on Dia Mirza. This would equally gorgeous on any girl with fair skin tone.

Anarkali suits


If you’re not satisfied with simple and elegant look, go for the following Suit. It’s perfect for a shimmery look. The use of black color adds up to the beauty of this Anarkali Suit.

Anarkali Suits


Are you too bored with embroidery and want something different than that? Try out this Anarkali Suit. The kind of look you would get while wearing this Suit would certainly fetch tonnes of compliments about your fashion style.

Anarkali Suits


If you’re looking for something sober yet stylish, the following two white colored suits are the best ones for you.

Anarkali Suits


Anarkali Suits


As always, I told you my favorite choices along with some details about the collection. There a few more designs in the collection.

Anarkali Suits


Anarkali Suits


Anarkali Suits


If you liked any of these designs, feel free to ask the price and buy. They’re made just for you. 🙂