Winner of The Brijraj Win a Lehenga Contest

Oh it was really a tough task to compile the results. There were total five entries which actually got qualified on basis of our terms and conditions. Yes, there were entries more than that but the ones eligible for the contest were only 5 and it was a tough battle.

Every entry had so many comments, likes and shares.. even we found it difficult to compile the list. Did we? No, we loved doing it. We loved seeing how the ladies have been competing with each other.

After a wonderful Valentine’s Day, we’re ready to declare the results.

While many of our readers and page followers have already calculated the result which was kept very transparent to the audience, we still need to declare it officially.

The first prize winner is …





brijraj contest

CONGRATULATIONS… you really had a very big victory for the number of points you got were far more than any other contestant.

Oh! are you wondering what’s the prize? The prize is any lehenga from this collection – A037 Bestseller Lehenga Collection. But which lehenga is it going to be? that depends upon the winner’s decision  of course..:)

Hey, WAIT!

This is not all.. didn’t we tell you we would be having two prizes? We did, right?

So, who has won the second prize? Any guesses?

brijraj contests

Yes, it’s Promila Deswal…  CONGRATULATIONS …

But what’s the prize?

It’s a lehenga from the second bestseller collection at Brijraj – 1153 collection


We request the winners to send a mail at so that we can explain them the further process so as to send their prize as soon as possible. We’re excited.. 🙂