Celebrity Collection: These Anarkali Suits Are A Must In Your Wardrobe

Brijraj has hundreds of new collections for the coming summer season. The lovely Anarkali Suits, sexy Sarees and gorgeous Lehengas – all have been specially designed so as to make you look more stunning than you already do. We make so much effort for you and you can’t even spend a few minutes to check out our new collection?

I know, you won’t mind if I take two minutes of yours and show you this amazing collection which you would love to have in your own wardrobe. Tell me if you doubt it.

Let me show you this red and black one first of all for this presents a color combination which every lady dreams of wearing. This becomes an obvious choice when it comes to choosing an Anarkali for wearing at a party or function.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22016

If the above  suit doesn’t seem to be of your kind, then you must check out the another black one which we have in the same collection. What I loved about this suit is the heavy embroidery on the upper part along with those lovely red colored sleeves. Those kind of sleeves are really uncommon and would fetch lots of jealous eyes. Seriously!

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22010

As I just talked about the sleeves while telling you about the previous design, there’s one more in the collection which I loved particularly because of the sleeves. Look at the heavy embroidery on the sleeves. There’s one more unique thing about this Suit i.e. the kind of embroidery that has been done. It looks really different. Doesn’t it?

In fact in the complete collection, a special attention has been paid towards the sleeves.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22009

You know sometimes we are not in mood of experimenting with new colors. All we want is a Suit which has colors that have been tried and tested a lot many times by a lot many ladies. When such is the case, a suit like this would be loved by you. Give wings to your fantasy with this design.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22006

If you are a married woman and have a fair color complexion, this suit is going to look stunning on you. The color combination and the embroidery would add up to the look.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22007

Do you like bright colors and love to experiment? Well, if that’s the case there are two suits which you must consider to buy. These colors have been rocking every lady’s wardrobe since last year and would be loved this year as well.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22013

The sleeves have half embroidery and there’s design on the entire suit even the kalis. Isn’t that good? It’s rare as well.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22014

But what if you like a bit sober colored dresses? Don’t worry. This collection have good choices even for you. Look at the suit below..

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22005

The next suit would be perfect if you prefer sober colors but still don’t want to look dull. The green dupatta with small embroidery would make up with the dullness and would make you look great.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22011

I specially liked the colors of this suit. It seems to be too simple yet too stylish which means this is a perfect combination for a young woman like me.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22015

Now, coming to my favorites in this collection. Yes, I saved them for the people who will stick to this post till the end. Look at this.. Just take one extra second to admire the kind of embroidery that has been done at the border. Now, tell me is there any genuine reason you can cite for not buying this suit?

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22012

This suit.. I have no comments for this one. You tell me what do you think about this one. I would be waiting for your response in the comments.

Brijraj Anarkali Suits

1198 22008

In case, you really want to buy any of these suits which you obviously would want, ask me for the price. I would be happy to help. Also, do follow the facebook page of brijraj to stay up to date with the latest designs and collections.