6 Latest Trends That You Must Know About For Summer 2014

Ladies, buckle up yourself for summer 2014. Are you ready? I know how difficult it is for us. Just when we think we have done enough of shopping and we have quite good number of winter clothes in our closet, someone reminds that the new season is about to come – the summer season and with this announcement, come the worries that would haunt us for months.

Which kind of trend is going to be hot this summer season? What kind of colors would be loved and which ones would be loathed? Which new kind of styles should we try and which ones should be bade goodbye?

There are so many questions. Aren’t they? But don’t worry. I am here to help you out. I am here to discuss about the Summer 2014 trends that would be hot and sexy!

  1. Orange is the New black: The fiery hue has been spotted all over the fashion week this season and it seems like most of the fashion stylists who predicted this trend are now enjoying the fame and glory. Yes ladies, this season orange is the color which is a must in your closet. I am not saying that you should replace the black one for that is simply absurd. You do need a black one in your closet but the second most needed color in your wardrobe should of course be the orange.
  2. Go For the Pastels: The second most popular trend this summer would be the pastels. And yes, it is the most wearable trend as well for you have plenty of choices and options in front of you.
  3. Collar Buttons: this one comes straight from the New York Fashion week where this menswear-inspired trend rocked the stage. Why not try it with your Indian attire? It would look fabulous.
  4. Striped Tops: The striped fabric would be loved by one and all this season. Make sure that even if you prefer Indian ethnic wear, you for the stripes. They are in, again!
  5. Mixed Bouquet: As the people from Vogue says, if you’re planning to dress yourself like a bouquet of flowers, it’s cool! That actually means the floral prints are going to be loved by ladies this season. Instead of going for heavy embroideries or other kind of designs, just pick up the simplest prints this season. Try out some floral prints or if you think they are not your kind, try some abstract or photographic prints. Even they would work this summer.
  6. Cowgirl Check: The cowgirl checks would be loved by everyone this summer. These square checks not only bring you a different kind of style but are also considered to bring calmness. Yes, it’s said that such designs might lighten your mood. I don’t know about the latter part but the trend is in for sure.

These are the six trends which are going to be hot and popular this summer. Make sure your plan your wardrobe according to these if you want stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. I will be back soon with a few more.. Stay Stylish till then.