Brijraj Lehengas: The Colors of History

Yes, we know you’re excited but not as excited as we are to present this latest Brijraj Lehengas collection which you would not only love but drool over until you get one for your own self. This collection would be loved by one and all. Do you want to know why?

What’s So Special?

This Lehenga collection is inspired from those historical dramas which you have loved. Did you ever see Jodha Akbar on Zee TV and wished if you could have the same lehenga? When it comes to buying Lehengas, especially for big occasions, you need something which would give you a fine royal look. And this Brijraj Lehengas Collection is exactly what you would need.

Have a look!

‘Gandhari’ Lehenga

Who doesn’t know this queen who voluntarily blindfolded herself for the rest of her life to share the pain of her bling husband. Gandhari was a reincarnation of Goddess of Intelligence and is mother to Kauravas and their only sister.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 111

The combination of this royal pink and blue is what steals the show. Though the heavy embroidery is part of extreme bottom of lehenga, dupatta and the blouse, but it still looks awesome enough to wear for your engagement. Doesn’t it?

‘Karuvaki’ Lehenga

The beautiful empress of Maurya Empire was the wife of King Ashoka and played a great role in guiding her husband towards Buddhism. Don’t you remember Kareena Kapoor from movie Ashoka? She played the role of Karuvaki in the movie.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 110

While I don’t think I really need to talk about the beauty of this lehenga (which is too obvious), I would still comment on that golden colored fine embroidery. And that small green border on the bottom! Wow!

‘Meera’ Lehenga

This princess is known for her extreme devotion towards Lord Krishna. Who doesn’t know her?

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 109

The Lehenga is perfect. That’s all I can say for this one. (I want one for myself too)

‘Chitrangada’ Lehenga

Chitrangada was one of the many wives of Arjuna (Mahabharata). She was never brought to the kingdom of Pandavas due a certain kind of tradition in her maternal kingdom.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 108

Don’t you find the story of Chitrangada a bit different from the rest of the lot? So does this Lehenga. It’s different from the others. The design and appeal is antithetical.

‘Rukmini’ Lehenga

She is the first wife of Lord Krishna and is considered a reincarnation of Goddess Lakshami.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 107

The heavy embroidery all over the lehenga is exquisite.

‘Noor’ Lehenga

Queen Noor of Jordan – Noor is itself a well suited word to describe ‘beauty’.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 102

The color of the Lehenga is what gives the bonnie look.

‘Hamida’ Lehenga

Wife of Humayun and mother of Mughal Emperor, Akbar.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 103

‘Ahilya’ Lehenga

She was the wife of sage Gautama Maharishi.

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 104

‘Chenam’ Lehenga

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 105

This is the most special design in the collection.

‘Mumtaz’ Lehenga

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 106

‘Jodha’ Lehenga

Brijraj Lehengas

1162 101

Yes, it’s true. I don’t have any words to descibe the Mumtaz and Jodha Lehengas for they are… What do you think about them. Share it with me!