Celebrity Collection: The Stunning Shraddha Kapoor

I must say the designers employed by Brijraj have been doing really a hard work. They have been keeping a sharp eye on latest trends and have spend hours and hours to bring out the best they can.

But how can I say this so confidently? Because I have been looking at those latest collections which have been loved by all the customers of Brijraj.  I have heard the appreciation of the products through people who bought the products online. I have seen it all!

If you don’t believe, I want you to have a look at this latest  celebrity collection of Brijraj Suits featuring the very famous Aashiqui 2 star Shraddha Kapoor.

Sun Raha Hai na Tu — this is the best collection!

Have a look!

The first one in the collection is not only stunning (that’s why I used the ‘stunning’ in title) but also sexy. The Floor Length suit deeply resembles the Western Gowns and hey, that’s what everyone is wearing these days and you should too!

Brijraj Suits

1108 1101

The color of this Brijraj Suit is awesome. Isn’t it? And then the golden embroidery, especially on the sleeves. Adorable!

Brijraj Suits

1108 1102

No lady with a fair complexion can say ‘No’ to this suit. Can you? The side embroidery on the bottom of this Brijraj Suit is alluring. I am sure you are dying to buy a suit from this collection. It isn’t difficult! Just comment with your  email id and product code of the suit to get the price. Product codes are written at bottom of each image.

Brijraj Suits

1108 1103

You know what, the designers have given utmost attention to both color and design. In other words, there isn’t a single flaw in this collection of Brijraj Suit featuring Shraddha Kapoor.

Brijraj Suits

1108 1104

Weren’t you waiting for this color? The sexy black!

Brijraj Suits

1108 1105

You know what I call it – THE ROYAL STYLE!

Brijraj Suits

1108 1106

And this one is a perfect for girl like me, in her early twenties. Isn’t it?

Brijraj Suits

1108 1107

Do you see the blue colored trousers with this suit? If you get this stitched in same way, you would have one of the hottest trends in your wardrobe. These trousers look awesome!

Brijraj Suits

1108 1108

Just in case, you want a bit heavy embroidery… this one’s for you.

Brijraj Suits

1108 1109

How did you find this collection? Extra amazing! Wasn’t it?