Brijraj Sarees: 5 Sarees You Must Consider While Shopping For Party Wear Sarees

Parties are something which we women love. The reason behind our love for parties is not so particular. Some of us love parties as we get to meet our friends and family. Some of us love parties as we get a lot of ‘gossip time’. And some of us love parties because we get to wear new clothes. We get dress ourselves and show that there’s no one more beautiful and stylish than us.

For us, the normal woman, parties are really important. And you know when these become extra important? When the party is thrown because of some special occasion in your life. May be it’s your husband’s promotion party or child’s birthday party, the thing which matters at the end is you all must enjoy. And a woman cannot enjoy unless she is satisfied with what she is wearing and how she is looking. Am I right or am I right? 😉

Here I present the party wear collection by Brijraj which you would love.. But hey! I am going to unveil only 5 of my favorite sarees and I am not going to vow for their availability. There are the bestsellers, obviously and that’s why might not be available right now. So, if you want buy any of these, make sure you ask for the prize right when you finish reading this post and BUY!

Bright colors and simple yet stylish design makes this perfect for the party. And you have to color choices. Isn’t that awesome?

Party Wear Sarees


The second saree which I would suggest as a party wear is this one. The full design and the stunning color combination is alluring. Isn’t it?




Yes, I do feel like I repeat this design in many of my posts and accept it or not, this is one of the best choices for a party. The red color gives hot and bold look and at the same time, it gives you a simple enough look so that it doesn’t seem like you’re attending a marriage.


B 466 6304 D

In case, you want the fashionable look, this one would be best. Trust me, this one would make you feel young and sexy!


B 736-205

there are many more designs which are perfect for parties, but as the post title says, I can unveil just 5 of them. And this one would be the last one for this post.


B 674-7106

Didn’t like these designs? Want some heavy embroidery for marriage parties or like?

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I am sure you will find what you want There..