8 Most Catchy Brijraj Dresses That You Must See

Yes, you will love them. Oh no! You will drool at them. For it’s time to present the most catchy Brijraj Suits from the bestseller collection of Brijraj.  These suits are not just bestselling suits but they are also the ones which fetch lot of compliments and jealous eyes at the same time.

Why jealous eyes? Because normal kind of suits are worn by every other lady. Every lady has an Anarkali in her wardrobe but only few special and super stylish ladies would have these uncommon designs of Anarkalis which would be loved by one and all.

Fashion is not about wearing the trendy designs but it is actually about being different and standing out of the crowd. You can manage to look extra gorgeous with some designer clothes but still, you will be the part of the crowd. To make yourself stand out, you need to dress yourself a bit differently. You need to put in a little more efforts over your style.

I have hand picked these designs for I wanted to help those ladies who are extra serious about their fashion statement and I know many of you do look forward for this collection. Don’t you?

But why are you in such a hurry? Let me tell you a little bit about the suits I have chosen. Yes, they’re the 8 most catchy suits in Brijraj collection. They’re catchy because they’re different, stylish, stunning and awesome!

Each of the piece is provided with a different kind of look, a cool and sexy look!

There is one orange and black colored anarkali which gives extra oomph factor for it allows you to show off your toned waist. The see through part around waist is what most of the girls want these days but not everyone is as lucky as you’re. The pleates of the bottom are arresting. The design on the neck gives it a classy finish. The look would be perfect for you to show off your perfect figure. With minimum accessories and high heels, you can steal the heart of any, be it your husband, your friend’s husband or any unknown guy!

Brijraj Lehengas


The second suit in the collection isn’t easy to guess. the design can’t be explained and imagined that easily. The heavy design at the top and the frills on the rest of the dress is far more than impressive. This is certainly a different design. Women would stare at your for they would have seen nothing like that before and at the same time, they will burn because of your beautiful looks.

Brijraj Suits


If you don’t want to be that cruel to other women, go for this simpler look. It’s simple and pure. A white colored suit which has extremely fine embroidery over it. The bottom is where the ‘special’ part comes. It’s not like normal anarkalis. The bottom is in fact divided into two – upper one like other anarkalis and lower one with cool frills. This would definitely give you a cool look and make you look nothing less than a fairy.

Brijraj Suits


I don’t know what to call it – a suit or a gown! But whatever it is, it would certainly give you the sensational look which you’ve always wanted to impress everyone in your next anniversary party. You husband would certainly drool over you but at the same time, you would have to save yourself from the prying eyes of other men. you would look nothing less than a diva. The heavy embroidery on top with that amazing neck cut design is fabulous. Isn’t it?

Brijraj Lehengas


Are you ready for the swish look? This Amazing piece is perfect for a posh party. The uncommon design of the kurta is simple but classy. Did I call it simple? Didn’t I notice those big patches of fine embroidery which gives the extra awe to the dress? Didn’t I like at that heavy border with black colored base? This dress isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s filled with rich embroidery and design and it’s perfect for a posh look.

Brijraj Lehengas


I know you’ve already seen this suit in the Shraddha Kapoor collection but that doesn’t make it any less catchy. The blue colored trousers are what I like the most. Such kinds of trousers are in and are highly in demand but not everything can go with such kind of dress. You need to team up the trouser with a complimenting kurta which is done perfectly in this dress. The color combination is perfect. I don’t think there’s anything imperfect in this dress.

Brijraj Suits

1108 1108

If you want a traditional look for marriage with some different touch, this one would be superb. The design of this anarkali is itself enough to describe it’s specialty. I really don’t need to tell how awesome this one is. Do I?

Brijraj Suits


For those who want to experiment with a bold color like this. But beware! this dress isn’t for every lady. This is for those special ladies who can dare to adorn such a tricky look. Either it can go perfectly well or terribly wrong. Buy it only if you are ready to accept the challenge!

Brijraj Lehengas


So, how did you find this collection? It is amazing or is it extra amazing? 😉

If you have already bought one of those, share your pictures with me on the facebook page of Brijraj. I am looking forward for your response. 🙂