Tips & Tricks: 6 Tips To Look Slim In Sarees

Saree is one dress which is loved by all women and I literally mean that. But there are a few women, who no matter how much crave for wearing sarees, don’t opt for the option. Why?

They’re fat. Yup, the tensions and busy lifestyle has taken its toll on them and their beauty is sometimes reduced due to this.

Are you one of them? Have you put on a little more weight than you should have and now you look simply fat when you wear sarees? I am sure due to this reason you have probably resisted wearing sarees.

But hey, don’t you worry. Just because you have a few more pounds on your body doesn’t mean that you can’t look good in sarees, especially when there’s a way to look slimmer in them. Yup, it’s possible. You can look slim in sarees. How?

6 Ways to Look Slim In Sarees

1. Choose The Right Fabric: You know it all depends on your choice of fabric. If you choose the right fabric, you can look amazing and actually hide those extra pounds. What you need to do is to pick up light weight fabrics (Georgette, Crepe, Chiffon etc) for they stick to your body very closely and make you look slender. Try not to go for the cotton. If cotton is something you can’t ignore, go for the lighter one. There are in fact cotton silk sarees which would go perfectly with your body type. Try it! 


2. Go for Lighter Print: You must try to go for the lighter print – light or sleek kind of embroidery and if it’s just the print – go for the smaller one. The bold and big prints would make you look plump. Remember that the heavy material isn’t meant for you.


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3. Pick Sleek Borders: Have you ever seen Rani Mukherji wearing sarees with big borders? Did you notice how she looks shorter in such sarees? If you’re her fan, don’t get offended. The diva does carry the attire very well but sometimes she missed the point. Sometimes she forgets that she is short and she doesn’t need look ‘shorter’. But this is something you shouldn’t forget. If you’re plump and short, go for narrow or no borders.


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4. Wear dark Colors: who doesn’t look slim in black? Do you know why that happens? It’s because of the color. If you choose the right color, you can definitely look slimmer. Wear some dark colors like purple, black etc and you can see the difference yourself.



5. Drape it well: Draping is the most important part of wearing a saree. I have seen some old age aunties wearing sarees in a shabby manner. What’s their excuse?  “We’re fat, that’s our sarees looks like this when we wear it.” But that is not so. They get a shabby, eeewwww kind of look because they forget the importance of correct draping. And this you should not. Make sure you have draped your saree well. You shouldn’t tug in the entire drapes at one place unless you want to show an extra bulged out tummy.



6. Long Sleeved Blouse: If you wear long sleeved blouses, you would look thin. I know you might love without sleeves or mega sleeves blouses but if you want to look thin, you would have to give up on that. Go for long sleeves for sure.



Follow these simple 6 tips and you can look slimmer like never before.

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