Bollywood Collection: 18 Exclusive Sarees From Dabangg 2

Do you still remember Dabangg 2? Of course you would and I am sure that the reason for which ladies remember Dabangg 2 is because of the super stylish and elegant sarees that Sonakshi Sinha wore in the movie. People have loved the Dabangg Collection by Brijraj and still want it for themselves.

The reason?

They’re simple and stylish – perfect for a modern women for daily wear.

Here is our Dabangg 2 collection once again –

The biggest attraction of this design is the blouse. With the latest fashion week, everyone knows checks and prints are in. And a plain saree with such an awesome color would look more attractive with such a blouse and so does this one. Doesn’t it?

 Product code -5350-7605


The Green and pink combination and those lotus flowers on the bottom of the entire saree are certainly the biggest awe factors for this design..

Product code – 535-7606


A light pink saree with a dark pink blouse – looks like the designers knew it very well how to give a 100% Indian look to Sonakshi… along with that sexy oomph! factor..

Product code – 535-7607


I know I am talking a lot about the color combination but that isn’t all.. the design of the sarees may look simpler from the outer look but a close look would tell you how fine embroidery is put on the border of the saree…

Product code – 535-7608


Yellow saree with a polka dots blouse.. this is certainly an awesome piece. Isn’t it?

Product code – 535-7609


The saree with a very sleek design on border looks fantabulous with that blouse… take a look at the embroidery on blouse.. Awed?

Product Code – 535 – 7610


If you want to go for a little broad border.. check this out.. the small embroidery on the complete piece is way more attractive in real than this picture…

Product Code – 535 – 76117611

Aha! Remember this saree?  Can you guess from which scene this picture comes from? I personally love that blouse’s color..

Product Code – 535 – 7612


Want a little heavier hand on embroidery and still flaunt the special Dabangg collection?  Go for this one!

Product Code – 535 – 7613


Another fashion week material.. how did the designers for Dabangg know about trends of 2014? Pandit ji ? 😛

Product Code – 535 – 7614


This red and sexy saree is perfect to make your husband drool over you all the day.. Want his attention?  Want him to forget his boring office work and pay attention to his wife? Get this one!

Product Code – 535 – 7615


That green color certainly fetches jealous eyes.. wanna try?

Product Code – 535 – 7616


Product Code – 535 – 7617


Product Code – 535 – 7618


Product Code – 535 – 7619


Product Code – 535 – 7620


Product Code – 535 – 7621


Product Code – 535 – 7622


Product Code – 535 – 7623


Did you choose your favorite design?

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