Lehengas: 8 Best Lehenga Collections by Brijraj

Redefining the rich lineage of royal Indian families, the Lehenga is very famous within the modern as well as traditional Indian women. Lehenga is a form of a long pleated skirt which is usually decorated with rich embroidery. Being secured at waist, it leaves the midriff and the lower back bare.

Though it has been very difficult to trace back the history or origin of Lehengas, it is believed that Lehengas were originated during the Mughal Era. The Mughal ladies used to wear this dress during special occasions, just like North Indian women do at present.

Without a doubt, a Lehenga is one of the most popular dresses within Indian women and how can the designers working for Brijraj ignore this fact? They knew it very well that the Brijraj Fans have been eagerly waiting for the latest Lehenga Collections 2014.

They worked hard, day and night and then came these..

8 Best Lehenga Collections By Brijraj

1. The Shweta Tiwari Lehenga Collection (1415 Series): the collection consists of 16 unique Lehengas which are heavily embroidered and handpicked from a huge traditional Lehengas Collection made by our designers.

Each piece is unambiguously embroidered with extreme perfection. The colors bring extra appeal to these Lehengas. Yellow, black, blue, beige… you get all the popular colors of 2014.  You get the voguish Lehengas from Brijraj.


1415 1509

Click Here to See The Collection:  1415 Lehengas by Brijraj

2. The Engagement Special Collection (1349 Series): Are you getting engaged?  We know the beautiful bride to be would want nothing else than a beautiful Lehenga for her engagement day.

But there’s a problem. The design of the lehenga! It should neither be too heavy to make you look like you’ve dressed for your wedding day nor it should fail to bring everyone’s eyes on the attraction point – YOU!

We purely understood this and that’s why we came up with this collection:


1349 1506B

Click Here To See The Collection: 1349 Lehengas By Brijraj

3. The AB (Aredent and Bright)  collection (1321 Series): 8 super unique radiant Lehengas are waiting for your attention.  These are the ones which would be loved by the modern divas who love to experiment.

The colors of these lehengas serve as natural enhancers of a women’s beauty. The simplicity of the designs bring out your real and god gifted beauty.


1321 1445

Click Here to See The Collection: 1321 Lehengas by Brijraj

4. The Merry Go Round Collection (1281 Series): We know you always look for assorted designer Lehengas when it comes to a special family function. Don’t you?

We know you always look for designs which won’t be similar to the ones worn by all the other ladies out their attending the same function. Don’t you?

We know you always look for something different and unique. Don’t you?

And we know you have been looking for this collection!

Check it out!


1281 7010

Click Here To See The Collection:  1281 Lehengas By brijraj

5. The Kangana Ranaut Collection (1250 Series): this diva sets the ramp on fire and models for nothing less than the best and most beautiful products. Having Kangana Ranaut to feature this collection is itself a proof that these lehengas are certainly the awe inspiring ones. The 5 awesome designs are available only for the limited period.


1250 2005

Click Here to See The Collection:  1250 Lehenga Collection

6. The Festival Special Collection (1221 Series): 10 glinting Lehengas that would transform you into nothing less than a beautiful bollywood prima donna.

 These Lehengas would compliment your perfectly shaped body and would set every other woman around you on fire. And we girls only know how much we crave for such a moment. Don’t we?

The biggest accomplishment in our life can be nothing but looking more beautiful than all the women present around us at a particular time. And this collection of Lehengas is perfect for such an occasion cum accomplishment moment.


1221 7404

Click Here to See The Collection:  1221 Lehenga Collection

7. The  I Love India collection (1165 Series): there are 15 lehengas in this series and each one stands out because of the heavy and awesome embroidery. The blouse and the bottom piece.. both look fantabulous. Don’t you believe it?



Click Here to See The Collection:  1165 Lehenga Collection

8. The Winner Collection (A037 Series): We presented this collection as a prize for our last contest on our facebook page. The winner got to choose one the lehengas from these 11 masterpieces.



Click Here To See The Collecton: A037 Lehenga Collection

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