Why You Should Start Shopping for upcoming Marriage Occasions Right Now?

Lehengas are one of the most loved and popular attire of Indian women especially during festive seasons. We know that you love to wear amazing lehengas during family functions and occasions like marriages, ring ceremonies etc. Now that festive season is a little away, it’s time for you ladies to keep a sharp look on latest trends and grab the best deals for we all know how expensive clothes become during the peak season. Don’t they?

Also, due to extremely high demand, we often don’t get the dress of our first choice. Unwillingly, we have to compromise and go for the one which is available. But if you wake up now and get active in looking for the best dress for the upcoming celebration season, you would obviously get the best deal – a best dress at the best price.

And because we want you to get the best deals, we’re already unraveling our new collections and presenting them to our customers. That’s why we posted our latest collection of Lehengas a few days before on this blog. In fact, they were the 8 best lehenga collections available at this time. But no, you won’t buy it now. Right?

You know you need a perfect lehenga after a few months but you would still wait till then. After all I said, you would still wait. Well, if that’s your decision, you must know that this decision for waiting can take a heavy toll on you. Most of the times we go out of stock due to heavy demands. With more than 200 brands getting supply from us and with more than 300 wholesale customers, we are left with just a few pieces for our direct customers. Of course, we keep the best ones for you guys but they’re always in small quantities.

And sometimes, a very fine and rich collection goes out of stock. Don’t believe it? Have a look at this collection. This 989 series of Lehengas have been the most popular lehenga collection by Brijraj but at this point, the time when I’m writing this post, the collection is out of stock and with newer collections already on the shelves, it seems difficult to get this one back for manufacturing. By the time this collection would get ready, it would be too late.

The fine Lehengas of this collection were not only trendy but also presented a perfect traditional look. The blend of colors and embroidery was way more than just impressive.



The heavy embroidery like this is still a popular choice among many but finding such a finely embroidered dress is too difficult now. Why? Because you were waiting for the festive season when this collection was in stock and was bought by many.



The matching of pink and black color in lehenga with the perfect proportions of each color is a rare sight  and still this collection had one amazing dress like that. But you decided to wait!



The maroon velvet lehenga with rich and bold embroidery.. this lehenga is perfect for a new bride for her reception. If you’re getting married soon, you would have kept this lehenga at your top priority, only if it was in stock.



Are you from a Punjabi family? We all know how grand marriages are in a punjabi family and one of the most important occasions is ‘JAAGO’. And in a jaago, if you are from the maternal side of the bride groom, you would definitely look for a lehenga like this. Long kurti and ghagra type bottom. A perfect look it would have been. Isn’t it?







Each lehenga that is shown above is just perfect for a particular occasion.  And these are just a few from the entire 989  collection. If you have had these lehengas in front you in real, you wouldn’t have waited for a second to decide and buy one for you but just because you saw it online, you thought, “I should wait. I would buy it near the marriage ceremony date.”

And just coz of that, you cannot get these beautiful lehengas now. Not until they become available again. Feeling guilty? I am sure you would when you won’t find a lehenga like these ones at the time of actual shopping. At that time you would regret your decision to wait.

It’s not too late. While this collection is still not in stock (ask us for availability to confirm), you can certainly check our 8 best lehenga collections (yep, we have lehengas even better than these) and buy the one you like now. Do remember, BUY NOW, or regret later. 🙂