5 Tips to Wear Sarees in Monsoon

Are you a saree lover? Every Indian is. But wearing a saree in a weather like monsoon when you are never sure about the time of downpour is a big trouble. Most of us would prefer sitting at home and enjoying some luscious snacks or good books but that’s really not practical for Indian women.

We’re always busy and the most busy women are the ones who go to office for they handle the work of home and office all at the same time. And going to office in such a weather is another big problem after the unpredictable weather. Wearing a saree to office is the most biggest problem.

Those properly ironed and washed sarees should not look like dumped clothes. And to make that sure, you must put some extra care for your sarees during monsoons.

Here are some tips to help you out..

1. Choose colors wisely: Go for colors like blues, oranges and red. In simple words, go for darker colors. Skip wearing whites and creams. That was very obvious but just go and open your wardrobe and see if you have still kept cream and white colored sarees for your office wear or for going out this monsoon. Don’t be lazy. Pack those and keep them in a suitcase. Keep the darker colors ready in your wardrobe and if you don’t have them, BUY THEM NOW!

dark colored saree

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2. Choose right footwear: Loose sandals or heels are never a good option during monsoon. I know there are many like me who would say that sarees don’t really look good without heels but you certainly don’t want to slip and fall down during a weather like monsoon or do you? If you really want to look presentable in office, keep your heels in your bag and change when you reach office. But on the go, stick to flats and avoid sandals with loose straps.

3. Go light on makeup: Just wearing the right dress isn’t enough. Just by draping a beautiful saree perfectly won’t do the job. You need to pay attention to your make up as well. Make sure you go light on makeup unless you want a totally messed up look. Also, look after your hair. Keeping them open isn’t a good idea in monsoon. Moreover, a tight bun or a pony tail would look awesome with a simple but elegant saree.

4. Choose the right fabric: go for chiffon or poly georgettes. Cotton sarees are not at all good for monsoon for they stick to your body and make you look bad, really bad. Better go for the former ones that I suggested. Prefer plain sarees than printed or embroidered sarees.

chiffon saree

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5. Drape it properly: Make sure you have draped your saree properly so that the pleates aren’t lose and also hitch it up a little in the rain. This is a big advantage of wearing a saree instead of a salwar, churidar or a trouser.

These are the five tips to help you out wear sarees in monsoon. Hope you find them useful. Do you have more such tips? Share with us. I am sure all the people over here would be very thankful to you for your kind gesture. 🙂

Source: MetroMela