Blogging the Best of July 2014

best of july fashion

am very sorry for I am two days late for this post. This was supposed to be live on July 30, 2014 but due to some technical issues, this had to be delayed. 

This month, July was very special. The main reason being the Eid festival. I could clearly see that each and every brand, be it Indian or foreign, released its Eid special collection to allure the customers. Some collections were really ‘special’ and some just gave an impression of cheap marketing strategy.

Brijraj also released its Eid special collections this month and yes, they were really special. In fact, they are. More than 13 new collections with more than 50 different designs were unveiled at once on the great eve of Eid.

So, the first post that I would like to mention in this post is this:

1. Masterguide to Eid Special CollectionAs I already mentioned, 13 collections were released on this occasion and I agree that it is really difficult to track down each collection through means of our facebook page or blog. One, we really cannot manage to post all our designs on this blog. Second, facebook doesn’t let us present our designs in an organized manner. Some designs reach you and some don’t. Though the problem is going to be resolved very soon for our website would be launched on international level this month. But for now, if you really want to check out our Eid Special collection, click on that hyperlink.

2. How to Wear Sarees in MonsoonThis post consists of five unique cum useful tips for the ladies who want to wear sarees in monsoon without caring about slippery roads and dirty pallu.  I personally collected these tips through a great research – I looked on internet and went on the road to get tips from the ladies who do wear sarees in monsoon, even when it is raining. And this post was the outcome. Do check it out.

Though there were number of posts in month of July on this blog, these are the two posts I wanted to highlight in this roundup post. These are highly recommended and check out these posts and share your feedback with me. It really matters.