Saat New Entriyan

Are you a little confused with the title? I am sure the people who live outside India would find it difficult to figure out what the title actually refers to. Well, saat means seven and Entriyan is just a badly modified version of Entry. So, the post is actually about the launch of seven new collections of Sarees by Brijraj.

We know you love sarees and whenever we come up with new and trendy designs, we take it as our foremost responsibility to inform you. That’s why we are here today.

You might be curious to know about the seven latest collections of Sarees by Brijraj. So, here it is:

1. The Piano Collection: The sarees don’t actually bear prints of piano. Don’t worry! The name is just a ‘name’. But the sarees, they are definitely something you should look for. There are eleven designs in this collection. You might be wondering why is a Saree collection named after a musical instrument. Well, that is because we think that music is one of the purest form of art and designing a Saree that truly reflects the rich Indian tradition and culture is also an art. We just tried to do our best. Now, it is you who can tell if we did it well or not.

Look for the complete Piano collection here

Brijraj Sarees new designs

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2. The S & S Collection: What does S & S stand for? simple and sexy. This new sarees collection consists of simple daily wear sarees that would be loved by every Indian woman who wears sarees in her day to day life. These sarees would also go well as formal wear. Yup, these are best choice in case you are looking for something cheap and durable.

Click This link for the complete collection

Brijraj Sarees new designs

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3. The Glamour Collection: Ladies, you are becoming weird day by day. We’re sorry for such a comment but that’s what the reality is. On one side you want something very simple that could be easily carried as a long time wear and that can be easily maintained and on other side you want something that would make you stand out of the crowd and make you look extra stylish. Do you think that is possible with one piece of cloth? Yes it is possible. See this collection if you need the proof.

Click here to see the Glamour Saree collection by Brijraj

Brijraj Sarees new designs


4. The Lady Collection: If ‘sophistication’ is what that describes you, you definitely need different kind of sarees. Sarees that would compliment your personality and your choice. And we actually feel proud of ourselves for we recognize this need of Indian women and came up with a saree collection like The Lady Saree Collection by Brijraj.

To take a look at the collection, click this link.

Brijraj Sarees new designs


5. The Desert Collection: The name came from the background where the photoshoot of this collection happen but there is one more significance behind the name of this collection. This collection is particularly a summer collection which consists of cool summer colors and designs like stripes, polka dots, printed flowers etc.

Click here to see this collection

Brijraj Sarees new designs


6. The Kitty Collections: This is definitely going to be the most favorite collection of our female employees for they love Kitty Parties. Do you also love going to kitty parties? But we all know what a pain it is to dress up for a kitty party. You cannot look too gaudy or your friends would think you’re a show off and you can also not wear just any saree for you need to look better than all of them. Accept it or not, this collection would be perfect for your Kitty party wear wardrobe.

Click this link to see the collection

Brijraj Sarees new designs


7. The Flower Collection: Yes, there is definitely a reason why we call this collection the Flower Collection. Well, to know why we do that you need to click the link we’re going to mention below and when you do that, you would automatically find out the reason. (Hint: The collection has some super gorgeous flower prints)
Click on this link coz we know you want to know the secret reason

Brijraj Sarees new designs

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So, did you like all the new collections? If you want us to know about your opinion, leave your comment on this post right now. Also, we need some help. We are kinda short of ideas about what should we post on this blog and we need you to tell us what else we can talk about on this blog. Would you please help us?