Well, it has been almost 6 months since this blog came into existence. I, Manpreet Kaur, was too glad when I was given this opportunity to work for this brand. Brijraj – truthfully speaking, when I came across this name for the first time I didn’t know much about it. But then I hit the Google Search and my God! that was the time I came to know what Brijraj is and I considered myself too lucky to be offered to join the Brijraj family. At first, it was like dream come true. To work for such a nice set of people, it was awesome.

But then being quite new to fashion blogging, I found it very challenging to do this task. To work for Brijraj and start a new fashion blog. Since June 2013, I have been working and working and I must say I am learning at each step. I might not be that good now but considering this task as something which I never dreamt of doing, I feel content with what I have done till now on this blog. But in the coming year, I am not going to be content at all. I need to make this better. I need to make it BIG!

But before that, let me tell you who I am.

Hello, This is Manpreet.

I am a student of Information Technology and have a great interest in blogging. I like to blog about various stuff going in my life. But here on Saree Guide, all I talk about is Indian Fashion, make up and beauty.

I love to share my feeling and thoughts with people all around the world and that’s the only reason I am here. I like to socialize with people and the people in contact with Brijraj are just too awesome. I have been talking to the lovely customers of Brijraj since 6 months and that is the most amazing part of my job. Seriously!

I am looking forward to make this blog a better place and that’s what you can expect from me in 2014

In case, you need to contact me, send me an E-mail at

You can also simply message on Brijraj’s Facebook Page, for hey, I am the one whose handling that page. You have any problems, queries, feedback, suggestions, feel free to message me anytime.

I will be happy to help! 🙂